Bonus Money Slots

What a winning combination! The high quality entertainment of playing online slots games together with the thrill of receiving free money. Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? Why would an online casino give away anything for free, let alone cold hard cash? Well, that question can be answered in one word: competition. With all the online casinos that have popped up on the Internet in the last ten years or so, there is fierce competition among them for customers. So they have started sweetening the deal, offering bonus money in all kinds of forms to players who register an account with them. Be a smart consumer and look around at the bonuses available before you commit to any one casino.

Sign up Bonuses

The first type of cash bonus you are likely to encounter is one you receive when you open an account at a particular casino. Called a “sign up” or “welcome” bonus, it welcomes you to your new playground and gives you some cash to play with. There are several kinds of welcome bonuses to choose from. A no deposit bonus goes straight into your casino account before you have to deposit even a cent of your own money. And if that’s not enough of a welcome for you, match bonuses will match the amount you first deposit – and then multiply it, two, three or more times. For those who prefer to keep things simple, some casinos will simply add a set dollar figure to your balance once you have deposited to your account. Before you select a casino, you will have the luxury of choosing which of these gifts of bonus money you prefer.

Additional Bonus Money

Your online casino site will be concerned not only with attracting your patronage, but also with keeping it. So they’ll continue to offer you all kinds of bonus money. Monthly or weekly promotions may reward you for being a high roller, a loyal client, an enthusiastic customer who brings new members to the site or simply a sharp-eyed gamer who keeps track of the bonuses and promotions going on. You don’t necessarily have to be a top spender to get these bonuses; even players with modest gaming budgets can be eligible.

What to do with all that Money

First of all, before you make any dramatic plans, check that you have met all the conditions and submitted the correct coupon codes or whatever is required to complete your eligibility for the bonuses. Normally a minimum wagering requirement must be met before you can request a payout. Once you are in the clear, you can request a withdrawal. In most cases, the casino will issue the payout by the same means that you originally deposited funds to your account. Using an e-wallet usually results in speedy and convenient payouts. Then you will be free to spend the cash on whatever your heart desires.